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BILLA is the European supermarket chain. It belongs to REWE International AG.

Advantages: Austrian wines Wegenstein. Promo actions "1+1".  
Disadvantages: High prices. Specific wine assortment.  

METRO Cash&Carry was founded in 1964 as a new concept in wholesale trade.

Advantages: Wide wine assortment.  
Disadvantages: A customer must have a special pass.  

Aromatniy Mir was created in 1998.

Advantages: Wines from Aroma Trade House, a lot of shops.  
Disadvantages: Very high prices.  

Krasnoe i Beloe is the fast-growing network of shops.

Advantages: Reasonable prices. A lot of shops in different regions.  
Disadvantages: A limited range of wines. Not comfortable little shops.  

Otdokhni and Myasnov are stores of the big Russian holding Somelier Wines & Spirits Distribution Centre.

Advantages: Good promo actions.  
Disadvantages: Not a big assortment of wines.  

Perekrestok belongs to the large Russian retailer X5 Retail Group.

Advantages: Wide range of wines.  
Disadvantages: High prices.